Tenant Representation

Tenant Representation

Rosano Partners Tenant Group exclusively represents tenants and still delivers of fully intergrated real estate services. Rosano Partners offer best in-class tenant services with clients such as Burger King and Verizon, you cannot go wrong choosing a Rosano Partners agent. Rosano Partners offers local tenant representation expertise, we will ensure you find the right space, and get the best deal possible, and guarantee you avoid costly mistakes.

Our Value Proposition

Our Clients usually relocate within a specific market once every five or ten years. Obviously, they cannot compete with the in-depth market knowledge of the commercial-leasing specialist who is involved with the marketplace on a daily basis. Experienced brokers know not only what is available, but also what specific landlords are willing to do in terms of rent, terms, concessions, and a host of other factors. Brokers who know details of prior transactions have invaluable resources for negotiations that are not available by simply asking landlords what they are willing to do. We know landlord’s bottom line!

For example, our leasing agents usually know what landlords offered to other tenants sometimes a more attractive incentive package. We know which landlords are having financial difficulties or are always behind on time commitments for tenant build-outs, this information helped our client make much better decisions. Lastly, developers and landlords know that tenants with experienced tenant representation are aware of cometing buildings and can switch negotiations if transactions do not proceed smoothly. This alone can save tenants substantial amounts of time and money.

Our Tenant Advice

When companies face the question of relocating, they have to make a multitude of complicated decisions. Whether the relocation involves 2,500 square feet or 250,000 square feet, evaluating alternative space options remains the same — a complicated, painstaking, and time-consuming process. Allowing plenty of time is a basic but essential element in the process; users occupying less than 20,000 square feet should allow at least nine months from the space survey until the move-in date; users who need more than 20,000 square feet should plan for a lead time of approximately nine to 18 months or longer.

Choosing a Stay or Move

When our clients decide that its present location is adequate and chooses not to move, this decision warrants careful thought and planning by the tenant. If the present building works and the economics are competitive, usually both the tenant and the landlord gain by retaining the existing tenancy. Rosano Partners ensure that you are well represented and well informed. When landlords know that Rosano Partners is involved and relocation alternatives are abundant and tempting, they are likely to give more concessions.

In part, the savings came about because Rosano Partners reminded the landlord about the costs that would be incurred if the tenant were to vacate and the space had to be re-leased. These costs include tenant improvements for the new occupant, rental losses during the construction of the improvements, and marketing costs. Landlords almost always prefer to pay a commission to retain a tenant rather than have vacant spaces, and they are not alienated in this process when they see how the benefits are in their favor.

Save Clients money?

Rosano Partners expert negotiation skills are critical for a favorable outcome. Our representation gives you subtle leverage during negotiations, informing the landlord that you are professionally represented and undoubtedly advised of alternative sites and comparable lease rates. Additionally, we know the temperament of a particular landlord and/or landlord’s representative, and recognize how far to push the negotiations without jeopardizing the transaction. This is a definite advantage when it comes to lease renewals, too. These documents include requests for proposal, letters of intent, lease agreements and work letters.

Market knowledge

This is a key ingredient in which Rosano Partners tenant representatives can make a big difference. Having a grasp on asking rates versus deal rates and incentives available is important to make sure you get the best terms available!