Landlord Representation

Landlord Representation

At Rosano Partners, our mission is to help each client achieve their real estate investment goals. Our leasing agents develop optimal positioning, pricing and marketing strategies for each property we represent. We constantly achieve higher rents, faster lease up at better terms.

Rosano Partners’ culture of information sharing among its agents and the brokerage community results in the broadest possible exposure for each property. We are able to truly “make a market” for each property we represent. While experience and knowledge of a market create value in the representation of a client, the quality of exposure to the marketplace determines the final outcome. Rosano Partner’s marketing system ensures that each listing will be presented to an expanded marketplace, creating the broadest buyer interest and maximizing value for our clients.

Expert Positioning

In order to maximize results, Rosano Partners positions each of your properties individually. Our agents conduct detailed market surveys and analysis, which provides an accurate picture of the local market, possible tenants, and potential future strategies. This in-depth understanding of your property enables us to improve the positioning of your assets and increase the value of your property. Through advertising and direct marketing, our leasing team will create an environment in which tenants compete for each available space.

Our Motto

  • Maximizing your rental rates.
  • Lowering tenant improvement costs.
  • Negotiating leases with annual built-in CPI and/or fixed-rate increases.
  • Exposing your property to as many prospective tenants as possible.
  • Maintaining your building’s competitive position.
  • Minimizing legal costs in lease negotiations.
  • Recommending interior design changes and modernization plans to increase the contemporary appeal of your assets and to ensure that the building remains fully occupied.