Government Services Group

Government Services Group

Create efficiencies. Cost Reduction.

Rosano Partners is providing municipalities with Commercial Real Estate Services to improve their operations.  Government Agencies are provided the opportunity to improve efficiency and reduce expenditures with the Rosano way.  California’s most recent socio-economic downturn birthed hardships to many of its local and regional agencies resulting in a loss of funding and employees to manage many of the essential needs of our communities.  Real Estate, occupancy costs and economic and community development are the increasing line items on most public sector budgets, and are unfortunately very underserved. Rosano Partners offers an opportunity to improve the bottom line while supplementing your remaining workforce.  We offer a full range of services delivered in a customized, integrated way to meet our clients’ objective.

Rosano Partners has been a partner to major and minor cities, towns and government entities across Southern California developing and implementing commercial real estate solutions while achieving superior results.

Our Full Service Solutions:

  • Asset & Portfolio Management
  • Developer solicitation and project marketing
  • Energy & Sustainability Services
  • Highest and best use assessments
  • Leasing acquisitions and property disposals
  • Master planning and land use analyses
  • Spatial Optimization analysis
  • Strategy, Analysis & Transactions
  • Transit-orientated development