The RP Project. Training, Building, Succeeding. 

RP Training

For many, office culture is an afterthought, a small blurb in the mission statement fulfilling the obligatory space. At Rosano Partners, we are defined by our people and the culture pulsating through our office. Creating a collaborative environment takes some leg work, but we’re in constant pursuit to satiate our zeal for learning. By onboarding agents seeking both professional and personal advancement, we’ve created customized training programs to continually challenge, improve and inspire our team.


RP Continuing Education

At RP, progress trumps transactions. Our workplace welcomes flexibility, change and adaptability. For us, our lives and our livelihoods are intertwined and RP strives to strike a balance between the two.

We continually engage the RP Lifestyle with RP Training. Our speaker series, held monthly, covers a variety of topics ranging from Fitness to Spirituality in Business to Marketability for Agents. Fresh content, guest speakers and a captive audience create the optimal learning environment for our team

We offer ongoing refresher courses in social media, digital software programs, CRM systems, Contracts, Negotiation/Best Practices and State of the Market Updates.


RP Boot Camp

We’ve developed a fast track program for the Newbies to the Seasoned Professionals. RP Boot Camp is a structured program designed to integrate our technology with best practice methodologies, personal success plans, accountability and weekly training.


Our Personalized Training

Phase 1 Rosano Boot camp(4 week intensive training program)

Phase 2: Mentoring and Continuing Education

  • Weekly 1-1 focusing on action items and accountability
  • Weekly activity review
  • Weekly training
  • Bi-monthly lunch and learns