The RP Project. A Revamped Lifestyle.

Real Estate. Recharged.

Working for a Real Estate Brokerage doesn’t have to be an exhausting one man journey. We’re dedicated to making sure your “work life” and “personal life” can coexist as one.

Building a better company by building a better us


Balance: Happy. Hard Working. Healthy.

Let’s talk about your lifestyle. Work and success–really important. What’s even more important than closing those multi million dollar deals? Your health. We want your lifestyle to exude balance with moments of zen. The RP Lifestyle aims to be an extension of your daily regimen by providing rooftop yoga hours, an interactive video game room, exercise equipment, open space for collaborative meetings and family style lunches.

Happy. Healthy. Hard Working.


Fitness and Nutrition

They go hand in hand. Life on the go as an agent can leave little time for proper nutrition. That’s why RP has Friday Team lunches with healthy, fresh options. And to kickstart your day, we host breakfast every Monday and Friday.


Your daily dose of Vitamin D.

Have a 16 hour work day ahead of you? It’s 2pm and you’re hitting the wall. Time to lace up your sneakers and go for a walk, run or play some soccer at our nearby park. We haven’t made it mandatory yet, but frequent breaks are highly encouraged.


Speaker Series

We continually engage the RP Lifestyle with RP Training. Our speaker series, held monthly, covers a variety of topics ranging from Fitness to Spirituality in Business to Marketability for Agents. Fresh content, guest speakers and a captive audience create the optimal learning environment for our team. We believe a healthy mix of business related and lifestyle related topics keeps our team energized and inspired!


Team Activities

Tough Mudders, 5k’s, Ziplining, Bowling, Rock Climbing, Barcade Outings, Segway Tours, Group Workouts. We’re always planning something for the team and we welcome your suggestions!