Impact Pledge

The RP Project. Rejuvenating the Community.

Our Impact Pledge

Our Corporate Responsibility Plan is a pledge to develop a sustainable and valuable program upholding the cornerstones of the RP Project. Our mission, our team and our livelihood are intermingled with the greater good, a movement beyond ourselves and our careers.

Today, RP’s philanthropic pursuits extend beyond one day annual volunteer duties. Our goal is to work with our community, providing office space, mentorship, valuable business insight and manpower to keep their businesses and dreams alive. Just as our mentors and adversaries pulled us from the trenches , we hope to use our experience to give other small business owners the opportunity to thrive.

In 2014, Rosano Partners formed a team to research and develop a corporate responsibility plan that could revitalize the community through peer-to-peer mentorship. The program is aimed to empower, guide and provide the necessary resources for individuals and small groups looking to start or grow a small business. As we optimize our new space to house the program, we’re busy developing, designing and training our team to deliver timely, actionable and proven course modules. Using elements from our own RP Boot Camp and Speaker Series, our mentorship program is an extension of our own best business practices.


Phase 1: The Space

We’re making adjustments to build and grow our in-house mentorship program


Phase 2: Program Design

The blueprint for small business success hinges on creating, organizing and following a cohesive plan. We will implement business plans, action plans, strategy sessions, execution roadmaps, feedback sessions, troubleshooting, and one-on-one coaching


Phase 3: Team Mentor Training

Agents volunteering their time will specialize in their core competency (i.e. marketing strategy, personal development plans, accounting, investing). They will advise on specific modules while keeping an “open door” policy for our mentees.


Phase 4: Application Process and Onboarding

We’re aiming to find individuals and groups who embody an entrepreneurial spirit,  have a zest to grow and are willing to roll up their sleeves. Together, we hope the mentorship program will evolve into a peer-to-peer learning experience, where the mentees become our mentors.

As we turn our vision into a viable program, we’re also partnering with non-profits.