Ian Whitman

Chief Strategy and Operations Officer

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Leading the day to day operations of the firm, Ian is the Chief Operating Officer at Rosano Partners. He is responsible for the strategic growth and execution of the Rosano vision and led the company’s rebranding initiative in 2014. In addition, Ian is spearheading the 10 year growth plan, recruitment strategy and corporate responsibility plan at Rosano Partners.

Prior to his position at Rosano Partners, Ian was the CEO of Avalon, Inc.  At Avalon, He was responsible for all corporate governance issues, strategic and tactical planning, corporate finance, allocation of capital and human resources, and approval of all proposed transactions. Ian co-founded Eclipse Essentials in 1993, where he managed the acquisition and development of nearly $150 million in real estate assets.

Ian is committed to exceeded budget and revenue projections to the satisfaction of shareholders, and board members. Further, he has proven ability to increase the enterprise value of the organizations he leads.


Personal Motto: How you do one thing is how you do everything

Part of the Family:  Ian adores his Wheaten Terrier rescue. Edgar, aka “baby”

Extracurriculars: When he’s not doing his WOD’s at Crossfit, Ian enjoys boating and Palm Springs.


Areas of Expertise: Brand Management and Marketing, Financial Business Planning and Analysis, Sales, Leasing, Tenant Rep, Development, Design, Architecture, Planning, Permitting, Construction, Project Management, Property Management, Mentoring, CEO, Recruitment, Operations.

Languages: English, French (conversational)

College: UCLA, B.A. in Political Science, Specializing in Business Administration

Experience: Joined RP in 2011. Previous: Avalon Inc., CEO. Eclipse Essentials, Co-Founder.

Questions / Answers

In Ian’s words…

Why Real Estate?
Real Estate is in my bloodline. My father was a builder and from the moment I received my first lego set, I was hooked. Soon, I was designing subdivisions and communities with my toy legos. Not much has changed, the buildings are just a teeny bit larger now.

Why Rosano Partners?
I met Sagiv in 2011 and we developed a great friendship. From there we decided to work together and rebuild Rosano Partners. It’s been a wild ride ever since! I’m so fortunate to have this opportunity and I have learned so much both personally and professionally. The team is simply top notch and I am so proud to call Rosano Partners home!

My Best Real Estate Story…
Well, there was that time I built animal cages for a client. I guess that would fall under “craziest real story”. I’ve been in the business for over 25 years and I could go on for days…

You’re entering a cooking contest, your prize winning dish would be…
Keeping with my French culinary “expertise”, I would make my Apple Tarte Tatin

Favorite spot in socal?
Laguna Beach

“Me” in 3 words…
Integrity. Perserverence. Open Mindedness